The Jessie Obidiegwu Education Fund is established:

  • To undertake and promote research and carry out activities that will enhance the education of women as well as the training of women who do not have formal education.
  • To support the education of women and girls by providing scholarships and instituting literacy and skills training for women who do not have formal education.
  • To inform and educate relevant institutions of the government, the private sector and communities on the need to support the education of women and girls in Africa.
  • To educate, train and create general awareness among poor, marginalized and low income groups and communities about the importance of the education of girls.
  • To build the capacity of the target populations, expand their skill base, boost their economic and entrepreneurial capacity, encourage savings, and facilitate their development.
  • To engage, collaborate and partner with other local and international stakeholders to design and implement training modules on expanding economic opportunities and technical skills transfer.
  • To provide leadership and civic engagement opportunities for students and young adults in developed countries to work short-term or long-term with non governmental organizations and civil society in Africa on projects relating to education, gender and sustainable development, and
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental, or conducive, to the attainment of the above objectives.