Dr. Joy Ezeilo

Joy Ezeilo is an international human rights lawyer, scholar, and activist. She is professor of law at the University of Nigeria School of Law, Enugu campus, and is a former Commissioner for Women’s Affairs and Social Development, Enugu State, Nigeria.  She served a three-year term as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially in women and children. She is the Executive Director of Women’s Aid Collective, a nongovernmental organization that focuses on women’s and children’s rights. She holds a graduate degree in law from the University of London, UK.  She attended the International Institute of Human Rights and the International Centre for University Human Rights Teaching in Strasbourg, France, and holds a Diploma in Gender Studies and also a Diploma in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Uppsala University, Sweden. Ms. Ezeilo has worked for several United Nations agencies, including the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland; UNESCO, UNIFEM, and UNDP.

Dr.Ezeilo’s numerous publications on politics, women’s and children’s rights, democratization, religion, health, and development are widely read in Africa and beyond. In addition to co-editing with Professor Obioma Nnaemeka a book on women’s rights, Engendering Human Rights, Professor Ezeilo is the editor of three journals: Action Woman Quarterly; Voices from Below; and Voice of the Adolescent.  She is the author or editor of numerous monographs, including  Gender, Politics and the Law; Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People; Sharia Implementation in Nigeria; Understanding Gender and Political Rights; Sharia and Women’s Human Rights in Nigeria: Strategies for Action; Women’s and Children’s Rights in Nigeria; Laws and Practices Relating to Women’s Inheritance in Nigeria;  The Legislative Advocacy for Women; Rights of Widows and the Wrongs of Widowhood; An Overview of Reproductive Rights and Health; Challenges to Women’s Rights and Access to Justice; Women’s Socio-Economic and Legal Rights; Safiyyatus’ CaseA Cry for Justice: Sexual Violence against Women in Nigeria; and Denial of Women’s Inheritance Rights: Widows Speak Out.